More and more evidence points towards a combination of factors (genetic, infectious, environmental, etc.) being important in the development of chronic immune dysfunctions.

We identified 3 major groups of factors / dysfunctions:

Global immune dysfunctions
The extent of the global immune dysfunction is evaluated by testing for cytokines’ expression, inflammatory markers, immune cells activity, etc. See our dedicated page for immune dysfunction testing.

Intestinal dysfunctions
​R.E.D. Laboratories are offering many different tests to assess possible intestinal dysfunctions, including intestinal dysbiosis, inflammation, leaky gut, etc. See our dedicated pages for intestinal dysfunction testing and MSA test.

Persistent and/or chronic infections
A majority of patients with immune disorders describe an infectious onset of their disease. Persistent infections and especially chronic zoonoses (like chronic Lyme disease) can contribute to the maintenance of the disease and to the worsening of the symptoms. See our dedicated pages for infections testing.

All our tests are explained in the R.E.D. Labs Testing Catalog.

Based on the scientific literature and extensive collaboration with specialized physicians, we developed new testing panels (see our Ordering test page) that aim to contribute to a better management of patients with immune disorders:

  • Immune dysfunctions panels
  • Infections-related panels
  • Initial Integrative Chronic Lyme Panel
  • Intestinal dysfunctions panels
  • Autism-related biomedical testing panel
  • Fibromyalgia orientation testing panel
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