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Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine (IM) is healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle.


Integrative Approach

Our close collaboration with world experts in complex chronic diseases enables us to rapidly develop and offer the most advanced and relevant diagnostics based on a strict scientific methodology and clinical observations. Today, we offer SPECIALTY TESTS that are not (or rarely) available elsewhere, focusing on the inflammatory mechanisms, oxidative stress, intestinal dysfunctions, viral and bacterial infections, etc.. We have established a broad network of fruitful collaborations worldwide (both with University Centres and private companies) to expand and strengthen our knowledge and testing offering for an integrated and integrative medical approach.

Our goal is to provide physicians with the tools they need to diagnose and treat patients with complex chronic diseases. We do this by personalizing our test panels, allowing clinicians to be more efficient and accurate in diagnosing and managing patients with complex clinical presentations. This means taking plenty of time for discussions and exchanges.

Today, the world is confronted with many negative stress factors (increased pollution, climate changes, psychological stress, emerging new resistant pathogens, etc.). So only a holistic approach can bring a beginning of solutions for these patients. Such an approach requires, on the one hand, well-trained MDs with broad clinical knowledge open to different approaches (homeopathy, allopathy, natural medicine, phytotherapy, etc.) that can help the patient, and, on the other hand, innovative flexible test offers that can quickly follow the progress of scientific knowledge.

Our small size enables us to offer tailor-made solutions to our customers and to respond to their specific needs by constantly developing new assays in line with advances in medical and scientific knowledge. Our independent structure with dedicated and scientifically renowned board members enables us to make quick decisions. We are not part of a large laboratory network. Our primary focus is on the patients.




Autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are complex, severe, heterogeneous neuro-developmental multifactorial pathologies originating from the interaction of several genes with environmental and immunological factors.

Despite much progress in our understanding of the associated immunobiology of autism, the pathogenesis of autism, as well as the defined molecular mechanisms, remain unclear. The dramatic increase in prevalence (one in 42 boys and one in 189 girls) [CDC data, Baio 2014] underscores the urgent need for specific biomarkers to facilitate the early diagnosis and treatment of ASDs. The precise mechanisms of immunological dysregulations are incompletely understood, however progress is allowing more insight into the complex imbalances associated with ASDs. Autism is now accepted to be commonly associated with significant immunological abnormalities ranging from the gastrointestinal associated immune system to the microglial innate immune cells of the central nervous system.

Integrative approach for testing ASD patients




An association between Lyme disease (LYD) and other tick-borne infections (TBI) during fetal development and in infancy with autism, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and autistic symptoms has been noted by numerous clinicians and parents. Bransfield et al. wrote in 2008 a review paper (Med Hypotheses 2008; 70:967-74) to collate information from conference presentations on this issue with other sources that further address this association. They indicated that the preliminary data suggests Borreliosis may be a contributor in 20– 30% of ASD, and pathogenic Mycoplasma may be a contributor in 58%.

Kuhn at al. (Med Hypotheses 2012; 78:606-15) suggested that long-term antibiotic therapy might be an effective treatment for children co-morbid with Lyme disease and autism spectrum disorder.


T Mijatovic -Ticks and Lyme

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