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Phelix Phage Borrelia Test

A Breakthrough way to detect intracellular bacteria, and an answer to non-diagnosed ill people

Phelix Phage test (patent n° WO2018083491A1) is performed on whole blood, but can be also used for any other material suspected to contain given pathogen (like biopsy, punction liquid from a swollen joint, cerebrospinal fluid or ticks). The very first step is to extract DNA using a specific manual method to ensure the very best recovery of pathogen DNA. The extracted DNA undergoes qPCR using patented primers and probes for a specific phage detection. Amplified fragments are further analyzed by sequencing in order to confirm the positivity of the sample (i.e. to rule out false positive samples). This technique is now applied for the very first time for Borrelia detection (B. burgdorferi s.l. and optionally B. miyamotoi, B. hermsii, B. duttonii, etc).

Phelix Phage Borrelia Test -first scientific publication