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FRAT™ (Folate Receptor Antibody Test) is a patented diagnostic blood test that screens for antibodies to the Folate Receptor Alpha (FRa). FRAT™ is an important tool in assessing your child’s neurological health. It is a simple test with sophisticated results.

FOLATE RECEPTOR ANTIBODIES AND AUTISM:  Learn why assessing the presence of folate receptor antibodies through FRAT™ is vital to optimal brain and neurological health. download pdf

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Special partnership with The Great Plains Laboratory.

Revive Clinic is founded by patients to support fellow patients who have seen their quality of life seriously diminished by multi-system diseases such as chronic lyme, ME/CFS, Post-COVID 19, fibromyalgia or an auto-immune disease.

Our gut-related testing panels are used by nutritionists Daniela Man.

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