The Urine Balance Test aims at detecting alterations of the Th1/Th2 balance.The test allows patients and doctors to follow-up on Th1/Th2 balance during therapy and to evaluate whether the treatment is really effective. In addition, the test also provides a tool to check the effectiveness of over the counter products claiming to balance Th1/Th2 status such as: antioxidants, probiotics and other. Thus far Th1/Th2 profiles can only be determined in specialized laboratories with blood-based tests practically hard to be performed repeatedly over short periods of time.

  • may detect disturbances of this delicate equilibrium in time in order to restore balance whenever required and before irreversible conditions are developing
  • allows patients to follow-up on Th1/Th2 balance during therapy (antioxidants, probiotics, nutraceuticals).
  • it’s a self-test
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